the Road Leads hOME

Isaac Hanan was born into a traditional Sephardic Jewish family with deep roots on the Mediterranean island of Rhodes. As a young adult in the early 1900’s, he left home to chase the American Dream in the emerging city of Atlanta, Georgia. Through hard work and perseverance, he established himself in his adopted city and fulfilled his vision of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Yet, upon reaching his goal, he inexplicably abandoned it all to return home, a decision his descendants have struggled to understand ever since. Tragically, it was this same decision that inadvertently set his family on a path towards the Holocaust.

In this book, the author takes us along on a journey to retrace the footsteps of his great-grandfather and reconstruct his life by searching for clues left behind within the close-knit Jewish community in Rhodes and in the rapidly developing City of Atlanta. In the process, he discovers a determined individual who overcame relentless adversity to build his life during a tumultuous period in history. By learning the circumstances of his life, the author seeks to solve the mystery behind Isaac’s pivotal decision and finally answer the big question that his family has grappled with. This book documents a remarkable life and the unexpected events that forged its path.